Fan Question: Why doesn’t Lydia realize Stiles is meant for her? 
Holland I’m going to be very interested to see what the fans think after this season…personally, as Holland Roden. 

it’s like she’s screaming sterek in her mind

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Anonymous said: i didnt watch this season of teen wolf, especially the second half but i watchted the sterek through the seasons and the scenes from last week were glorious. and the music did seem romantic when derek tells stiles to go get scott ;A;. but the scene from episode 1 where malia demands them talk about kate/allison i got so mad. and part of me is scared we wont get sterek next season because i half expect hoechlin and/or dylan to not come back to the show :/



I watched the scene over and over again and the music part gets me everytime. Lemme tell you a few things about how sounds effects and meaning of scenes go. You have the dynamic music when the berserker stabs Derek and it gradually fades away as Peter halts and Stiles gets out of the car. The silent bit where they all assess the situation is one of the most heartbreaking moments that I’ve witnessed because the audience is supposed to get that feeling of it’s real. Like this is it, Derek is dying, you can all get your funeral clothes out. And it drags out as they stare (Stiles especially because focusx7 that’s what I’m talking about) and Derek grunts and hisses in pain and you can feel the gravity of the situation. And btw, since we’re talking technicalities, do you know the bit where they don’t do a cut scene but an angle move from Derek on the ground to Stiles? That’s called I believe, an ”amateur’s angle change” (I don’t think there’s a term for it but one of my teachers referred to it that way) because the camera is shaky and it moves in a brusque way from Derek to Stiles. Again, that’s all to show desperation and gravity. It’s all about rawness. 

And yeah then the heart wrenching instrumental bit begins but it’s still in the background because there’re lines being exchanged. It becomes louder and you can tell when the tune really begins and lo and behold it’s after Derek tells Stiles to save Scott. Another smart thing that they’ve done is layering Derek’s grunts with the music because when the camera’s on him and he does that, it cuts immediately to Stiles’ back and you know that Stiles reacted to that. Aaaand cue non-verbal communication topped with angsty looks that make me wanna stab myself in the heart cause it’ll hurt less, all wrapped up in the most heartbreaking instrumental bit in the history of tw (I’m not biased who told you that) and VOILA THE MOST BEAUTIFUL STEREK MOMENT I CANNOT DEAL WITH IT OKAY? I. CAN’T.

So yeah I know what you mean.

Malia demanding to know about Kate is a dick move but it’s okay cause it’s progress :):):):). At least we got a sterek bit out of that so whatever. 


See right there? This is some live documentary shit.


Teen Wolf AU: Wolf Actually

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Anonymous said: I don't know. I loved the Sterek scenes from the finale and I really want to remain optimistic, but sometimes I feel like they put shit like that in because they need to bait those Sterek suckers back again and it makes me feel like an idiot when it never happens. I wish this show were as groundbreaking as the people involved think it is.


In my opinion this isn’t queerbaiting, as you imply, or sterek baiting, as I call it, but development and built up. It will be queerbaiting the moment the show ends and sterek isn’t canon. I’m sorry but they dug their own grave with that one if they don’t follow through.

Even in a show like TW there’s still a lot going on behind the scenes. Believe me when I say that Jeff Davis doesn’t sit around and goes ‘Oh wait forgot the sterek better put it in the finale, during a key scene so that sterek shippers can come back next season’. I mean, again, I’m sorry, but that scene happened. All the sterek scenes happened on screen. The fact that they follow through or not doesn’t erase the fact that it happened. Know what I mean? Stiles was the emotional focus for 20 seconds, that doesn’t go away. We have that moment forever and always and no one can take it from us. 


aaaw :D


aaaw :D

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